UPS Investment

From the last post, the idea of having UPS in my home may put me off forever, but to put it into context the unit had been installed before I was employed over 12 years ago, and over the past 2 years it was beeping intermittently to indicate a fault that a convenient press on any button would silence.

The post before that however had more gravitas, with my server being offline for close to a month all due to a one second power cut made me feel vulnerable to another downtime incident over something I couldn’t control. It was time to look into a Uninterruptable Power Supply to protect my server from power cuts that could knock my RAID out of sync.

My purchasing requirements were as cheap as possible,  but had to be an online system, meaning that the UPS would notify the server when it was running on batteries and shut down the system down before the juice ran out. An offline system would be less inexpensive, but a long term power outage would just postpone the problem, plus since I don’t intend to supply backup to the network hub, I would be powerless (on both levels) to do anything about it.


I settled on the APC CS350, a lead-acid unit with serial and USB connectivity. Making thing simple I connected the UPS to the server via USB and Windows 2003 found it without extra drivers, making it as familiar to use as a laptop with its battery management.

Shutdown at 25%
Shutdown at 25%, to ensure data is safe

After allowing the battery to charge, testing is easy, switch off the mains and see how it does. Even from this modest unit my HP Microserver in idle gets 50 minutes of extra life before the battery runs out. I set Windows to shut down at 25% charge, more than enough to shutdown, given that during a power outage the router would be down so the server would be unable to communicate with anything, data preservation is the main game.

The UPS cost £46, my preferred WD Caviar Green 1TB drive costs £48, if another power cut occurs then my it would of paid for itself, another cut and its paid for itself. Yes?

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