New Raspberry Pi B+

Raspberry Pi B+
Raspberry Pi B+

My first RPi was intended to serve as a learning tool for Linux, allowing me to tinker with with a machine without the risk of causing damage to a computer I need on a daily basis, much akin to the design philosiphy on the Raspberry Pi. VM was available, but the ability to program straight to a physical machine akin to the microcomputer revolution of the 80’s that the Pi foundation is trying to rekindle interested me, as I was not around for that part of history.

However in my search for a project that interested me, I found Raspbmc (Now OSMC), the media centre centric OS was such a perfect solution for my televisual needs that my first RPi became dedicated to it by complimenting my home server to stream files to my screen.

With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi B+, it was time to have another go at figuring out Linux from the command line. At £35 delivered it was still cheap, and this time I know better to source the accessories like micro SD card and Power Supply in advance for a lower price.

Let learning commence!