Welcome to my Blog.

This serves as a personal knowledge base for all the strange and obscure issues I find during my work and home life in IT and in particular VoIP.

If a tricky or seldom needed process crosses my path, it usually goes in here as a reminder to myself, and importantly in the hope it is a help to anyone who may stumble on the same.

Also included is some of my hobbyist projects that keep me entertained and broadens my knowledge of my interests of Linux and VoIP.

Previous to this blog, I’d like to include a couple of archived websites for preservation and as a snapshot to previous endeavours…

Diyhomeserver (2015): Born from a decade of my own hobbyist experiences, this is a site for creating your own home server and what it can do for you.

Canton TV (2016): An ad-hoc project to streamline a process of creating TV messages.
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