Trouble Accessing BIOS with Windows 10?

Since installing Windows 10 the option to enter BIOS settings disappeared on my HP Pavillion DV8, with the only way to get it back was to pull the CMOS battery from the laptop and perform a hard reset.

If you’re having the same trouble the solution is easy, instead of clicking shut down to turn off the laptop and switch it on again, click restart instead! Seems simple but I always used shut down to allow the machine to cool off before turning on again.

The cause? Well the Shut down option in the Start menu doesn’t actually perform a complete shut down; instead Windows puts the system into a sort of hybrid hibernation as part of its “Fast start up” option that is enabled by default.

Not happy?  There is a way to switch it off, go to Control Panel Settings , System, choose power on the side menu, and click Advanced Power Options.

Windows 10 Advanced Power Options
Windows 10 Advanced Power Options

Next go to Choose What The Power Buttons Do, and click Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable. Under Shut Down Settings uncheck Turn On Fast Start Up and Save changes.

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