Personal Update

It’s April and this is the first post of the year, so what’s happened? Well since being made redundant from my retail job last August I took the first opportunity of a job and ended up in a call centre for an energy company, and quickly discovered it was a terrible job.

While there I came to the realisation that I needed to be happy in my employment, something that’s been missing for the past decade, and since I no longer had any loyalty to a company I refocused and started looking for IT jobs again. The late summer was not a good time to be made redundant, due to technology roles being scarce and in high demand.

Roll on to last January and the job market is much more buoyant, I managed to attend a few interviews and very lucky to have been offered a job at a technology company. And it has been the best opportunity I’ve ever had. The role mainly revolves around VOIP services and IT consultation and support, I absolutely love it.

To work alongside likeminded people who are driven by technology and choosing the best solutions available for customers is something I’ve never experienced, but to chat about issues in full geek speak terms before translating into easier to understand language is amazing and I hope it long continues.

The lack of posting comes down to time, where I had an understanding on IT, VOIP sounds like it requires the same operational understanding, but the level at which this company operates is a whole new experience, so most of my spare time has been dedicated to bringing myself up to speed.

So what does the future hold for this blog? It was created as a portfolio to showcase my computing skills in hope to gain an IT job, and now I have one it’s brought up a dilemma I never thought I had to deal with. With the knowledge I’m gaining every day in the new role, it’s a conflict of interest to publish my learnings on here which would be a detriment to the company.

The blog however was set up for another reason, to document and be a reference for those obscure issues that I’ve overcome and seldom crop up. And so this is what the blog will continue to be about, and if this helps others who face that same annoying issue, the better.

So rest assured the blog is here to stay, it’s done one of its jobs, and will remain to satisfy the other.