Got my slice of Pi

Last night after months of waiting if finally got my hands on my own Raspberry Pi.


After the initial jumping on the bandwagon I needed to turn my attention to figuring out what I will do with it. Initial thoughts (After playing and seeing what it can do, of course) was to use it as a media player for my TV, since my thirst for high definition mkv files outstrip not only my TV but my XBox for playback.

Second thoughts is to use it to power this WordPress blog, quick reading online speculates that it may be a challenge but is achievable. Something to think about, but only after I get bored of it, no point having a web server that I’m going to fiddle with (brick!) constantly.

Shall keep you posted on my relationship with the Pi!

One thought on “Got my slice of Pi”

  1. I may add that I am into my second day of Pi ownership and have yet to power it up due to the lack of accessories needed. So far:

    I needed a new SD card, the spare one I had was in my carmera.
    Lost my spare HDMI cable,
    Mistook microUSB for miniUSB, so new power supply needed.
    Bought new power supply, but mAh rating was too low.

    Already this is turning into a labour of love!

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