iDRAC 6: Remote Console

A few months ago a freshly retired Dell Poweredge T310 came back to the office, I plugged it into the network and left it off in the unlikely event it data was needed off it. It’s now I’m remote to the office, and need it’s data.

No problem I thought, use the iDrac to log into the ESXi console and set a new IP as it is statically assigned to a different subnet to the office…

Trouble is, the iDrac is so out of date I can’t get to its web interface on any browser available to my Windows 10 machine.

This is how to get access to an outdated iDrac 6 web interface and remote console…

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Finally: Fibre Connection

Fibre broadband has been available in my region for a couple of years now, and while it was tempting it was just too expensive for a fully unlimited package. Therefore I had to make do with ADSL, combined with being a few miles from the exchange it was pretty poor, even when pulling the ring wire.

ADSL Speedtest
ADSL Speedtest

But at last an offer from Sky for existing customers to get Fibre half price, so I had to jump on this bandwagon immediately. The Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) service is a 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up with no download cap. Compared to before this is a huge improvement.

VDSL Speedtest
VDSL Speedtest

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Upgrading RAID Disks

The time came when my 1TB drives were full, having a data clearout reclaimed a bit of free space but it was time to upgrade.

The HP Microserver I am running has four HDD bays all populated with 1TB drives in RAID 1 configuration, so to increase capacity I had to replace two of the disks. I went for two Western Digital Green 2TB disks as the 1TB variants I currently had proved reliable.

Moving the data over to a new disk would be tricky, the simplest solution would be to put the old drives into a USB caddy and plug into the server, but I had previously found that USB drives don’t like RAID. But since RAID1 means redundancy, I could tackle this another way…

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