Installing WordPress on Windows Server

It’s simple, instead of the process of installing PHP, MySQL, assigning permissions and all the debugging that many of us have gone through, Microsoft has come up with WPI, or Web Platform Installer.

WPI makes installing WordPress easy.

Amongst other web applications, WordPress is the most popular and it makes the install on Windows as simple as a few clicks.

All done!

So far I’ve tried it on Server 2003 R2 and Server 2012 R2, both with instant success.

It’s available at:

Increasing Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

When installing WordPress on a fresh new server, you may notice that all uploading is limited to 2MB. A search online reveals that this gripe is well discussed. However most solutions are tailored for users who rent dedicated WordPress hosting from companies.

For those of you who are using your own server, navigate to the file php.ini located where the core php installation is, normally in the Program Files/PHP folder in Windows.


From there, edit php.ini using Notepad or similar, changing the following values:

“Upload_max_filesize” from “2M” to 64M (orĀ as desired)
post_max_size” from 8M to your favoured size

Check back on your WordPress site to see if the change has applied:



This website has received yet another update, and now I am happy with it.

The biggest change was to change the blogging software to WordPress. Although my previous software ( was built on ASP.Net and SQL Server, my current choice of language and database that I am most familiar with, I felt that BE was way to bloated and it felt unrefined for my needs.

So I went with WordPress, it seems most blogs I read use this and they look slick, to I wanted a piece of the action. This meant installing PHP and MySQL on IIS, something I really did not want to do due to the resource hog on my server, but I bit the bullet and ordered more RAM for the server.

So far, so good!